First Feature! Emmy Rose Design

I am so excited to kick off “Small Bizz Blog” with a young entrepreneur, Emmy Rose, of Emmy Rose Design! She was featured on our Instagram @smallbizzblog on Small Business Saturday.

To get to know Emmy Rose and her business a little better, I interviewed her. She started her headband and scrunchie business in July of this year. The quality of her handmade scrunchies and headbands is great, and they are very affordable! Emmy Rose decided to start her business, as an affordable means to protect hair from breakage and keep it out of one’s face. 🙂

In our interview, she explained how frustrating it was to go shopping and see single-packaged headbands and scrunchies that were poor quality being sold by big businesses for upwards of twenty dollars!!! She took this as her call to action and began creating her own stylish and cute hair accessories that are affordable and durable.

All of Emmy Rose’s products are unique. They are handmade, each order includes a water-proof sticker, and as Emmy Rose puts it, all of her products are “made with love.” ❤

When asked about her production and packaging process, Emmy explained that she cuts and measures the fabric used to make the headbands and scrunchies, sews together the scrunchies and headbands, labels the envelopes they are shipped in, puts in a personalized thank you card for every order, in addition to the aforementioned waterproof red-bubble sticker and the scrunchies they’ve ordered.

Not only are they made with love, but also hard work and packaged with care!

Emmy Rose Design is based out of Brisbane, Australia, and is currently not shipping out of her area, but would be willing to once her business gains a larger following. That’s why Small Bizz Blog is here to support businesses like Emmy Rose’s! Her business goals involve eventually shipping overseas and out of her area! Let’s make these goals reality! Supporting Emmy Rose is supporting the dreams of a young entrepreneur!

Follow her social media below to support her and her shop~

Tik Tok: @emmyrose_design

♡ Emmy Rose thanks you all for the support and thank you to the readers of Small Bizz Blog for helping contribute to this platform!

Bye for now!

-Nat 🙂

Published by Natalie Perron

Hi there! I'm Natalie, and I'm a college student studying to be a middle school teacher. I also work part time at a daycare and really enjoy working with kids. Why start a blog for small businesses then? I love to write, and I want to use this skill to do my part in bringing recognition and attention to those entrepreneurs who truly deserve it. The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously affected us all, but has impacted small businesses severely. I want to help make that impact turn into a positive one! If you know anyone or you would like to be featured on my blog feel free to contact me! email: Bye for now! -Nat :)

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