Bringing Back 2000s style with Purple Smiles

A couple years ago, the ’90s were back with chokers, flannels, and mom jeans. Now that it’s 2020, we’re bringing back the early ’00s in full force.

Meet Violet Kim, pictured above. She is in love with early 2000s style, the Y2K aesthetic as many recognize it today. Violet started her shop, called “Purple Smiles” in May of this year during quarantine. She is based out of her home in California. With the time to discover new hobbies and passions, she developed this business to improve upon her fashion designing skills.

Faux cheetah print is a staple of Purple Smiles!

As a young fashion designer, Violet explained some of her goals for her brand, “Purple Smiles” to me in our interview. Violet has worked hard, starting her journey into the fashion industry as a high school junior. We love supporting entrepreneurs of all ages here at Small Bizz Blog, and supporting a young entrepreneur like Violet makes such a positive impact on her brand and industry!


Violet features many items in her shop, which ships worldwide. These include adorable fluffy shoulder bags, Sanrio inspired handbags, super cute embroidered masks, cheetah print fashions, and a sweet streetwear collection!

On top of having a very unique and loved sense of style, Violet is also passionate about being environmentally-friendly. For her, this means stepping away from fast fashion, yet another reason to shop small business! Violet strives towards sustainable style, considering where she sources her materials, the process by which her items are made, and how they are shipped. The fast fashion industry is responsible for things like pollution, and notorious for underpaying their manufacturing workers!

Violet loves her supporters and customers, and works hard to build a customer base through social media. She is always on the lookout for new ideas and inspiration, taking tips from leading designers. If there’s one thing she wants known about Purple Smiles, it’s the fact that every item is handcrafted by her and that she does her best not to waste the fabric her clothes are made from in any way.

Violet is currently looking for ambassadors for her brand, contact her through her Instagram below if interested!

Use code PURPLE on Violet’s shop link below for a discount!

Supporting Purple Smiles would make Violet’s day, she cares for her customers and puts in the effort to build her small business everyday. Go support small businesses today by checking out her shop! Links to her website and social media below.


Published by Natalie Perron

Hi there! I'm Natalie, and I'm a college student studying to be a middle school teacher. I also work part time at a daycare and really enjoy working with kids. Why start a blog for small businesses then? I love to write, and I want to use this skill to do my part in bringing recognition and attention to those entrepreneurs who truly deserve it. The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously affected us all, but has impacted small businesses severely. I want to help make that impact turn into a positive one! If you know anyone or you would like to be featured on my blog feel free to contact me! email: Bye for now! -Nat :)

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