Want Handcrafted Jewelry That’s Out of this World?

Getting bored of your normal, basic jewelry? Want a statement piece that pops? A necklace that’s sure to spark conversation?

Meet Lauren Falvo, founder of Spaceman Studios. Her handcrafted clay jewelry business launched in October of this year, and has continued to grow since. Lauren is a university student based out of Ottawa, Canada, and creates and sells artistic clay jewelry, in addition to jewelry trays and original artwork.

Lauren decided to start working with clay jewelry with a bit of experimentation. Over her break from school, she found a knack for earring-making using clay.

Looking At You Necklace
Lauren’s favorite by far, a long chain with a colorful eye at the end. Each pair comes with a different colored iris making every pair unique and a little bit eerie, the perfect vibe for Spaceman Studios.

Lauren is a self-described, “avid funky jewelry lover”, especially when it comes to earrings and necklaces. She sees them as the perfect opportunity to express yourself in a creative way. Adding a pop of color to every outfit is a staple of Lauren’s, something she feels is very important. Her favorite piece in her shop, called the “Looking at You Necklace” is one of a kind! Every signature eyeball necklace has a different colored iris, making every one she sells unique. Another reason to buy from small boutiques!

Lauren Falvo started her business as a way to pursue a passion of hers. She has loved ceramic work and clay work for a long time, but was able to hone her skills during quarantine.

She says on the matter, “While being stuck at home was not ideal, it did give me the time I was lacking to follow this passion and turn it into a business. I was not expecting how successful it became, as it was advertised solely by word of mouth.”

Stormy Earrings
Statement earrings with an extra bit of dangle and contrasting colors.

Spaceman Studios is obviously unique, based on Lauren’s handmade work above. What really sets her studio apart though, is her very visual style. The careful attention to detail, use of colors, and unique designs express not only a unique brand, but the work of a young artist as well. Her “stormy earrings” display this, simple clay earrings that pop because of Lauren’s eye for design.

On top of the care that goes into crafting each piece, there is also a careful packaging process that only comes with the love of small businesses for their customers. Every package by Spaceman Studios is packaged by hand and comes with a number of little goodies such as small art prints and some sweets. Lauren loves to pack orders, and regardless how many she has, she thoughtfully packages every single one by hand.

“Flower Hearts
Cute little plastic hearts, that add a perfect pop of color to any outfit!

Supporting small business means the world to Lauren, and other small business owners. Buying from Spaceman Studios and sharing her boutique helps to finance her education as a first year University student as a Concordia art major. It also validates Lauren’s passion, bringing her closer to making her dreams of selling and creating art for others come true.

Happy Sad Choker
One of Spaceman Studios’ most popular necklaces. Cheerful colors oppose a sad/dark element, in this case the bright little sad faces.

Please help support Lauren’s goals to create and finalize Spaceman Studios’ own store website (instead of using a host site like Depop or Etsy), and to branch out from ceramic jewelry, to also include cups, sculptures and more original art. A one stop shop for unique artsy items. Message them on the link below to place orders!

Note* Spaceman Studios mainly ships to US and Canada, but exceptions can be made.

SPACEMAN STUDIOS SHOP: https://www.instagram.com/spaceman.studioss/

Published by Natalie Perron

Hi there! I'm Natalie, and I'm a college student studying to be a middle school teacher. I also work part time at a daycare and really enjoy working with kids. Why start a blog for small businesses then? I love to write, and I want to use this skill to do my part in bringing recognition and attention to those entrepreneurs who truly deserve it. The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously affected us all, but has impacted small businesses severely. I want to help make that impact turn into a positive one! If you know anyone or you would like to be featured on my blog feel free to contact me! email: nat71202@gmail.com Bye for now! -Nat :)

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