7 Must-Knows Before Buying Car Insurance

Purchasing comprehensive car insurance in India is a wise investment. It not only ensures that you follow the law but also results in financial backing for car repair expenses. Purchasing car insurance has evolved and has become more customer friendly. You can insure a car in less than 180 seconds using the insurer’s website or app.

However, specific considerations must be made when insuring your vehicle. This article is entirely dedicated to these points. Continue reading to learn about 7 essential factors when purchasing car insurance in India.

Things to consider when purchasing car insurance:

Do you know what to look for when purchasing or renewing car insurance? Here’s a detailed list of seven points to help you decide.

  • Recognise the need:

It is alright if you are not an expert in risk assessment. But you can still assess primary risks, right? For example, consider whether your neighbourhood is prone to flooding, whether there have been recent instances of car theft in the area, and whether your regular travel route is accident-free.

After a few minutes of introspection, you will have a wiser idea of how to proceed with purchasing a good car insurance policy.

  • Think about the brand:

Even if you are not a brand fan, you must have considered the car’s brand when purchasing the four-wheeler. Similarly, spend some time thinking about the insurer’s brand. If you like what the brand stands for, shake hands (virtually!) and start a new partnership by insuring your car with them.

  • Coverage range:

You can buy insurance to check the mandatory insurance box, or you can buy it to save money in the event of an accident and to meet legal requirements. In most cases, the second option is preferable. When you purchase a comprehensive plan, you comply with the law and ensure insurance coverage for the inclusions specified in the policy. Furthermore, add-ons can broaden coverage.


  • Add-on covers:

When purchasing add-on covers, think practically. They can be considered small covers that can be added to a comprehensive plan. Each add-on has its price, which can vary between insurers. As a result, don’t go on a shopping spree for add-ons. Only include those that are important to you. Otherwise, you may be surprised with your insurance bill.

  • Understand the fundamental plan:

Third-party car insurance cover is a required component of a car insurance policy. The insurer will assist you if your vehicle injures or damages a third-party person or property.

  • Terminology of policy:

Current insurers are committed to making insurance easier to understand. Policy seekers and policyholders are more confident when it comes to buying insurance or car insurance policy renewal, thanks to responsive websites, user-friendly apps, and helpful executives.

However, before purchasing a policy or filing a claim, you should read the fine print. After all, insurance is a contract, and contract terms are always important.

  • Online quote comparison:

Before purchasing car insurance, the golden rule of online shopping is to compare prices. The same is true when you insure your car online. However, you must ensure that you are reaching correctly. It is vital to conduct a car insurance check online prior to deciding on your ideal plan. You must compare policies that provide the same or similar coverage. Keep the coverage constant if you want to compare premium rates from three insurers.

In conclusion:

Make an informed decision and purchase the ideal-suited plan now that you know the factors to consider when buying car insurance in India. Do not be taken in by gimmicks. Understand the policy from beginning to end. If necessary, contact customer service.

## All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI-approved insurance plan. Standard T&C apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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