Want Handcrafted Jewelry That’s Out of this World?

Getting bored of your normal, basic jewelry? Want a statement piece that pops? A necklace that’s sure to spark conversation?

Meet Lauren Falvo, founder of Spaceman Studios. Her handcrafted clay jewelry business launched in October of this year, and has continued to grow since. Lauren is a university student based out of Ottawa, Canada, and creates and sells artistic clay jewelry, in addition to jewelry trays and original artwork.

Lauren decided to start working with clay jewelry with a bit of experimentation. Over her break from school, she found a knack for earring-making using clay.

Looking At You Necklace
Lauren’s favorite by far, a long chain with a colorful eye at the end. Each pair comes with a different colored iris making every pair unique and a little bit eerie, the perfect vibe for Spaceman Studios.

Lauren is a self-described, “avid funky jewelry lover”, especially when it comes to earrings and necklaces. She sees them as the perfect opportunity to express yourself in a creative way. Adding a pop of color to every outfit is a staple of Lauren’s, something she feels is very important. Her favorite piece in her shop, called the “Looking at You Necklace” is one of a kind! Every signature eyeball necklace has a different colored iris, making every one she sells unique. Another reason to buy from small boutiques!

Lauren Falvo started her business as a way to pursue a passion of hers. She has loved ceramic work and clay work for a long time, but was able to hone her skills during quarantine.

She says on the matter, “While being stuck at home was not ideal, it did give me the time I was lacking to follow this passion and turn it into a business. I was not expecting how successful it became, as it was advertised solely by word of mouth.”

Stormy Earrings
Statement earrings with an extra bit of dangle and contrasting colors.

Spaceman Studios is obviously unique, based on Lauren’s handmade work above. What really sets her studio apart though, is her very visual style. The careful attention to detail, use of colors, and unique designs express not only a unique brand, but the work of a young artist as well. Her “stormy earrings” display this, simple clay earrings that pop because of Lauren’s eye for design.

On top of the care that goes into crafting each piece, there is also a careful packaging process that only comes with the love of small businesses for their customers. Every package by Spaceman Studios is packaged by hand and comes with a number of little goodies such as small art prints and some sweets. Lauren loves to pack orders, and regardless how many she has, she thoughtfully packages every single one by hand.

“Flower Hearts
Cute little plastic hearts, that add a perfect pop of color to any outfit!

Supporting small business means the world to Lauren, and other small business owners. Buying from Spaceman Studios and sharing her boutique helps to finance her education as a first year University student as a Concordia art major. It also validates Lauren’s passion, bringing her closer to making her dreams of selling and creating art for others come true.

Happy Sad Choker
One of Spaceman Studios’ most popular necklaces. Cheerful colors oppose a sad/dark element, in this case the bright little sad faces.

Please help support Lauren’s goals to create and finalize Spaceman Studios’ own store website (instead of using a host site like Depop or Etsy), and to branch out from ceramic jewelry, to also include cups, sculptures and more original art. A one stop shop for unique artsy items. Message them on the link below to place orders!

Note* Spaceman Studios mainly ships to US and Canada, but exceptions can be made.

SPACEMAN STUDIOS SHOP: https://www.instagram.com/spaceman.studioss/

Bringing Back 2000s style with Purple Smiles

A couple years ago, the ’90s were back with chokers, flannels, and mom jeans. Now that it’s 2020, we’re bringing back the early ’00s in full force.

Meet Violet Kim, pictured above. She is in love with early 2000s style, the Y2K aesthetic as many recognize it today. Violet started her shop, called “Purple Smiles” in May of this year during quarantine. She is based out of her home in California. With the time to discover new hobbies and passions, she developed this business to improve upon her fashion designing skills.

Faux cheetah print is a staple of Purple Smiles!

As a young fashion designer, Violet explained some of her goals for her brand, “Purple Smiles” to me in our interview. Violet has worked hard, starting her journey into the fashion industry as a high school junior. We love supporting entrepreneurs of all ages here at Small Bizz Blog, and supporting a young entrepreneur like Violet makes such a positive impact on her brand and industry!


Violet features many items in her shop, which ships worldwide. These include adorable fluffy shoulder bags, Sanrio inspired handbags, super cute embroidered masks, cheetah print fashions, and a sweet streetwear collection!

On top of having a very unique and loved sense of style, Violet is also passionate about being environmentally-friendly. For her, this means stepping away from fast fashion, yet another reason to shop small business! Violet strives towards sustainable style, considering where she sources her materials, the process by which her items are made, and how they are shipped. The fast fashion industry is responsible for things like pollution, and notorious for underpaying their manufacturing workers!

Violet loves her supporters and customers, and works hard to build a customer base through social media. She is always on the lookout for new ideas and inspiration, taking tips from leading designers. If there’s one thing she wants known about Purple Smiles, it’s the fact that every item is handcrafted by her and that she does her best not to waste the fabric her clothes are made from in any way.

Violet is currently looking for ambassadors for her brand, contact her through her Instagram below if interested!

Use code PURPLE on Violet’s shop link below for a discount!

Supporting Purple Smiles would make Violet’s day, she cares for her customers and puts in the effort to build her small business everyday. Go support small businesses today by checking out her shop! Links to her website and social media below.

PURPLE SMILES SHOP: https://purplesmiles.shop/shop-2/ols/all


First Feature! Emmy Rose Design

I am so excited to kick off “Small Bizz Blog” with a young entrepreneur, Emmy Rose, of Emmy Rose Design! She was featured on our Instagram @smallbizzblog on Small Business Saturday.

To get to know Emmy Rose and her business a little better, I interviewed her. She started her headband and scrunchie business in July of this year. The quality of her handmade scrunchies and headbands is great, and they are very affordable! Emmy Rose decided to start her business, as an affordable means to protect hair from breakage and keep it out of one’s face. 🙂

In our interview, she explained how frustrating it was to go shopping and see single-packaged headbands and scrunchies that were poor quality being sold by big businesses for upwards of twenty dollars!!! She took this as her call to action and began creating her own stylish and cute hair accessories that are affordable and durable.

All of Emmy Rose’s products are unique. They are handmade, each order includes a water-proof sticker, and as Emmy Rose puts it, all of her products are “made with love.” ❤

When asked about her production and packaging process, Emmy explained that she cuts and measures the fabric used to make the headbands and scrunchies, sews together the scrunchies and headbands, labels the envelopes they are shipped in, puts in a personalized thank you card for every order, in addition to the aforementioned waterproof red-bubble sticker and the scrunchies they’ve ordered.

Not only are they made with love, but also hard work and packaged with care!

Emmy Rose Design is based out of Brisbane, Australia, and is currently not shipping out of her area, but would be willing to once her business gains a larger following. That’s why Small Bizz Blog is here to support businesses like Emmy Rose’s! Her business goals involve eventually shipping overseas and out of her area! Let’s make these goals reality! Supporting Emmy Rose is supporting the dreams of a young entrepreneur!

Follow her social media below to support her and her shop~



Tik Tok: @emmyrose_design

♡ Emmy Rose thanks you all for the support and thank you to the readers of Small Bizz Blog for helping contribute to this platform!

Bye for now!

-Nat 🙂

Why Blog About Small Businesses?

Welcome to my blog, “Small Bizz Blog”. My name is Natalie Perron, and I have always loved writing, and blogged as a hobby here and there. I’ve found a sense of purpose in blogging recently, to support the small business community amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hi guys! My name’s Natalie. I’m a college student, studying to be a middle school social studies teacher. I also work part time at a childcare center, where I help elementary-age students with their e-learning.

Why start a small business support blog then? This doesn’t have anything to do with my field. However, I love to write, I love the process of interviewing and getting to know people and their stories, and I would love to utilize these interests to help those that work hard everyday. The young entrepreneurs, the local boutique owners, the people that want to turn their side hustle into their main hustle. Small businesses!

Why small businesses?

  • How easy is it for us to order an Amazon package for every gift this Holiday season? We all do it. Myself included. Or maybe Target? Walmart? All of these large corporations and chains make shopping very convenient, with the click of a button, with mobile apps, with same-day shipping. Over time this hurts small businesses, individuals who work hard everyday to compete with these large corporations.
  • This is not a call to action to boycott Amazon, we know how hard the delivery drivers and warehouse employees work to get our packages delivered on time. Rather, it is a call to adjust our shopping preferences. When there is a small business option, try and opt for it. Go to your local pizza place instead of ordering Papa John’s. Buy Christmas gifts from your friend’s Etsy shop instead of cheap, mass-produced jewelry from the mall. Order that birthday cake from someone with their own home bakery rather than your grocery store sometimes.
  • All businesses who work hard deserve support, but the COVID-19 pandemic has hurt many small businesses, and my goal is to bring attention and recognition to those small business owners who deserve it. To make the impact of a pandemic on small businesses a positive one, not a negative one. To encourage my readers to shop small!

So, if you are interested in the why, and you want to be a part of this change for the better, continue reading below! 🙂

How will this blog help small businesses?

  • This blog will feature small businesses who reach out to me, or give me permission to blog about them after I reach out to them.
  • The feature stories will provide information about the business, business owner, how to support them, what they sell, and feature their best products, or photographs of their business.
  • Every month there will also be a “Local Listing”, a feature of about 3 or 4 small businesses in a specific area. Being a U.S. blogger, this listing would frequently feature U.S. small businesses. As a blogger living in Maryland, businesses in the Baltimore area and states surrounding Maryland would more frequently be shown, but any small business is eligible to be featured. The Local Listing will give preference to businesses who are unable to sell their goods/services online such as restaurants, repair companies, salons, and more!
  • I want to accomplish great things with this blog, but in order to do that, I need the help and support to make this a platform that small businesses can trust. No negativity here! Only positivity and appreciation for the businesses that are featured. Please, share this blog with your family and friends to help it gain the attention needed to bring support to the businesses I feature on here!

I know that with your support this blog can grow and thrive, and become a known platform for small businesses to be recognized and gain their own customer following. Small business support comes in many forms. Every little purchase, gift, or share, even by word of mouth makes a difference.

If you own a small business, or know someone who does, and wants to be featured on this blog, please contact me! Don’t hesitate to reach out for the recognition and support you and your business deserve! All comments and inquiries can be emailed to me at nat71202@gmail.com. Having “Small Bizz Inquiry” in the subject line is appreciated.

Let’s work together to support small businesses! Email me with any questions, or reach out to me on my instagram, @smallbizzblog.

-I will feature those with Etsy and Depop stores in addition to those with their own websites, Instagram stores, or something similar. Those without online stores can be featuring in the “Local Listing” with a few other businesses in their area once per month.

-I will not be featuring consultants who work under a larger corporation, such as LuLaRoe or Pampered Chef, sorry. Only those who created their small business on their own or with a few others in a partnership can be featured for the time being.

Bye for now!

-Nat 🙂