Want Handcrafted Jewelry That’s Out of this World?

Getting bored of your normal, basic jewelry? Want a statement piece that pops? A necklace that’s sure to spark conversation? Meet Lauren Falvo, founder of Spaceman Studios. Her handcrafted clay jewelry business launched in October of this year, and has continued to grow since. Lauren is a university student based out of Ottawa, Canada, andContinue reading “Want Handcrafted Jewelry That’s Out of this World?”

Bringing Back 2000s style with Purple Smiles

A couple years ago, the ’90s were back with chokers, flannels, and mom jeans. Now that it’s 2020, we’re bringing back the early ’00s in full force. Meet Violet Kim, pictured above. She is in love with early 2000s style, the Y2K aesthetic as many recognize it today. Violet started her shop, called “Purple Smiles”Continue reading “Bringing Back 2000s style with Purple Smiles”

Why Blog About Small Businesses?

Welcome to my blog, “Small Bizz Blog”. My name is Natalie Perron, and I have always loved writing, and blogged as a hobby here and there. I’ve found a sense of purpose in blogging recently, to support the small business community amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Hi guys! My name’s Natalie. I’m a college student, studyingContinue reading “Why Blog About Small Businesses?”